👋 I'm currently 18 years old and live in Germany.

As a creative thinker and self-driven individual I always look for ways to improve my everyday life and explore the fascinations our world has to offer.

My interests range from a variety of things from fixing computer for family and friends (and no, I cannot repair your toaster) to telling computers what to do (a.k.a programming) and hoping my financial investments don't loose me money. But worry not, most of the time I actually have a plan of what I'm doing 🙂.

In what free time I have left besides that I occasionally blog about the problem I found to be so time-wasting that I don't want others to experience the same pain. Or I actually found something to be interesting. Whatever it may be, I try to publish one blog article per month.

And what about the future? Well it would be nice to run my own company in the tech and finance space one day and travel the world, I guess.
The typical hipster, digital nomad, startup lifestyle, but whatever.


You can reach out to me via e-mail: quoorex [at] protonmail [dot] com
Alternatively, you can use Matrix: @zoore:matrix [dot] org (I actually don't like e-mail, so use this pretty please)